GMRSlive Open Nodes

*  PLEASE Let the NODE or HUB owner know when you connect to them, it's just common courtesy  *


NODE Name NODE Number NODE Information And Rules Location NET Day And Time Contact EMAIL
Lone Wolf System
HUB 1691
1691 We are the black sheep of the GMRSlive system. Most stay away from us we just like to have a good time. Apopka, Florida WROG208 N4ASS
Send Email
Lone Wolf System
Puerto Rico HUB 2011
2011 Spanish-speaking node located in the island of Puerto Rico. Carolina
Puerto Rico
Send Email
GMRSlive 700 HUB 700 Please keep all conversations clean and family-friendly. NO MDC, Roger Beeps, or any noise makers allowed. Palmeto , Florida GMRSlive No Contact EMAIL
Hernando CO. HUB 4254 Hub for the Hernando County GMRS group, Spring Hill, FL... Must follow all FCC and GMRS live Rules and Regulations. Spring Hill, Florida Every Saturday Night at 7 pm EST Earl Brannon WRUI413 Send Email
SW Idaho Gmrs Hub 4408 Local Treasurer Valley Idaho gmrs fun/emergency communication same rules as on the 700 hub. Meridian, Idaho Owner of the repeater system WROM586 Send Email
Pasco County GMRS 1050
Do not be an ASS. Dade City, FL Chris Bloxsom Cheif bottle washer @ PascoGMRS Send Email
Richboro Repeater 1825 Website Richboro, PA Repeater Owner WROE856 Send Email
Mississippi hub
No vulgar language Ellisville, Mississippi Repeater Owner WRKR557 Send Email
NeoLink Hub 2616 Neo Link Hub was created to allow multiple repeater systems to connect. Most users are friendly and Spanish-speaking stations, but we invite all languages to the hub. Please keep it professional and follow the FCC guidelines. Be respectful and courteous to other stations, and do apologize if others are not. Keep in mind although the majority are respectful, please understand others will do anything in their power to disrupt the system. Currently, the hub is connected to The Vendetta Repeater system and the DILA repeater system. Both systems are located in Southern California and have a long range of counties it covers. Please enjoy the system 73s. Carson, California Raul Vasquez Send Email
GMRS-Mesh Network Hub 2357 Cloud-based hub that started across NC. Feel free to connect but please keep all conversations clean and family friendly. Rockwell, North Carolina Admin WROZ828 / KO4YHD Send Email
GKido1's 50211 Be Respectable, and keep it G-rated... Purvis, Mississippi Repeater Owner WRYM479 No Contact EMAIL
So Cal Hub
50831 This hub is primarily used for family contact and some testing. Our nodes may or may not be connected at any time. We welcome guests and hope you will maintain a family-friendly environment. If you are in So Cal and would like to use this node regularly, shoot me an email and say HI. I would love to have this linkable to one of the high-level systems in the LA area. Whittier, California Scott Stys WRZQ882 Send Email
Alamo City GMRS HUB 1510 Alamo City GMRS is here to promote the use of radio communications for families and encourage those interested in getting started in Amateur Radio. The network is mostly used for communicating with family and friends but during emergencies and inclement weather, our Skywarn members provide useful, real-time reporting. It’s important to understand that the linked system uses RF-linked radio systems so the user should always pause for approximately 2 seconds between the end of one transmission and the start of a new transmission. This ensures that all repeaters in the network have time to recognize the unkey and reset the timeout timer. For more information visit our Website San Antonio , Texas Frank Devine WRKG475 Send Email
Slingshot Repeater System HUB 2506 Absolutely NO kerchunking, dead keying, music, or any other inappropriate transmissions. San Jose, California Owner Slingshot Repeater System WRKH273/K6QYF Send Email
The South Georgia repeater system 1645 Always linked to the road kill network. Newnan, Gorgia Mike Mcever WRAR363 Send Email
Ocean State GMRS 50952 Embarking on a mission to strengthen bonds in the Ocean State! ???? Through nodes and repeaters, we're weaving a web that connects families, friends, and local communities. Join us in building bridges and fostering meaningful connections, one radio at a time. Creating a thriving community for GMRS license holders seeking seamless access to repeaters across the Ocean State. Whether you're a radio enthusiast, or simply family members and friends wishing to have clear and efficient communication, our platform is designed to facilitate easy connections and create a family-friendly network!
Cloud-based HUB that started across Rhode Island. Feel free to connect but please keep all conversations clean and family friendly.
Warwick, Rhode Island Repeater Owner WRXC419 Send Email
The South Georgia moms and kids HUB 1647 Set up for moms and kids to chat and have fun. Newnan, Gorgia Mike Mcever WRAR363 Send Email
The RoadKill NationWide 1195 We want to remind everyone that we are still committed to maintaining a family-friendly environment. Therefore, we request all members to refrain from using inappropriate language or any content that is controversial as well as not suitable for children. We invite you to join us and share any ideas or topics you would like to be covered. We value your input and participation and would also like to invite anyone interested in guest-hosting a Net. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you're interested. We at the Roadkill NationWide, truly do appreciate your participation, and without you, we would not have this wonderful opportunity.For more information visit their Website Bayou Louisianna Roadkill NationWide NET And Bernie's Friday Night Roundtable
Every other Friday 9:00 PM Eastern
Chis Send Email
BAMA HUB 50170
Always linked to the road kill network. ? ? ?
Mishigami Repeater System 1020 I joined GMRSLive! back in October of 2020 just a short time after GMRSLive! started. I have always wanted to have a Statewide linking of GMRS in Michigan and North Western Ohio using GMRSLive gave me this opportunity to do this. In January of 2024, I decided to pull the trigger and do it. This is a project in process, I am hoping that I can find GMRS users to join GMRSLive and the Mishigami Repeater System. Ottawa Lake, Michigan Robert ( BOB ) Lloyd WRJT765 Send Email
MoKan GMRS 50976 Feel free to connect anytime, Just starting up and trying to help MO and KS stay connected! Peculiar, Missouri Anthony Potenziani
Founder WRNW944
Send Email
Send Email
CenTex GMRS Hub 2813 Website Central, Tx WRPQ787 Send Email
NCGMRS 2100 We aim to improve North Carolina community emergency communications through a simplified radio network. This way a person who is not interested in the hobby of ammeter radio (HAM) may have some of the benefits of HAM but do not need highly technical expertise in the art of radio to communicate during an emergency or other activities.
The North Carolina GMRS Network does this by publicizing and utilizing GMRS repeaters in the community to link them together for increased coverage in the state. Some repeaters will be owned by NC GMRS NET, while others may be owned by private citizens willing to contribute to the network. NC GMRS NET also utilizes temporary/mobile GMRS and commercial repeaters during major emergency events. NC GMRS wishes to be a source for repeater owners and users to improve the use of GMRS in the state. Website
North Carolina ?
North Texas GMRS 2240 Website North, Tx WRUQ315 ?
Oregon GMRS 2329 is a small group of people who wanted to resurrect GMRS radio usage in the Rogue Valley. We quickly realized that GMRS radio is a great resource that isn't limited to little low-power "walkie-talkies" and can provide communications for anything from recreation, to assisting in natural disasters such as floods and fire which we experience often in Southern Oregon.
We also realized that given the limited range of UHF radios, and the mountainous terrain of the Rogue Valley, repeaters would be necessary. After a bit of research and decided to take a chance and start with a repeater on Elk Mtn. This repeater is an open repeater with no requirements other than an FCC GMRS license and some courtesy. We want to work to expand GMRS usage and add more repeaters in the future, so please feel free to not only use the repeater(s) but to also check back on this site, get involved, donate when you can, and share ideas so that we can make improvements when needed. Website
Rogue Valley, OR ALL Times Pacific
Mon 8 PM Southern Oregon Preparedness Net
Tue 7PM "Not a Net"
Wed 6PM Patriot Ladies Net
Jeff WRCD602 Send Email
Southwest Michigan HUB 1082 Website Stevensville, Michigan Andrew WRAB494
ThrashedNet 4520 Website Seminole, FL WRXT441
The Beanee Weenee Repeater System 50130
Website BERYL WRTL610

Author: WROG208 / N4ASS / Alex D. Lone Wolf System

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